Why did you die?

By Sonali Karhana

My Dad was a fighter,
who took an oath, for his nation, he'd die.
My Dad was a soldier,
his last breaths were a battle cry.
But I wonder why he died,
for the people who always lied,
for the men who never cried,
and all the bad that lurked inside?
For nights, he strolled
for the leaders who are so cold.
For days, his skin got bruised
for the blood having shades of blues.
He prayed for the lives of his friends,
and dropped tears when he saw their ends,
until the day when he said goodbye.
Tell me, you Fighter! Why did you die?
I yearned to reach him among the clouds,
I wanted to fly
and ask, for whom was his last battle cry?
So one day I fly to the sky, 
and ask him what I had to.
With a voice pretty bold (as now he is a ghost)
He says it was for the ones he loved the most.
He then asks me to leave as clouds were not a place for me to stay.
I say "I'll come back, when I become you one day!"


  • … Goosebumps! ???
    A salute to the poet! A life of soldier and his/her family is never easy and that too
    for country ?? pride of the nation!



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