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Why Did I Give Birth?

By Maryam Fatima
Why did I give birth?
might be the thought of the Earth.
We call it our Mother,
yet behave like there exists another.
With unabating selfishness, together,
towards our own end, we are moving further.
Enough it has cried,
perhaps why the water bodies have dried.
Man's recklessness has stopped the rain,
regretting now is in vain.
After all, when you drain,
there has never been any gain.
To avoid this pain, time and again,
we were asked to abstain.
The Sun is scorching,
but our attitude remains unflinching.
When it had begun,
the warning about Global Warming,
Why weren't we reforming?
If we have to strive, she needs to thrive. 
If she withers, with her, we will also wither.
If you don't want to perish,
you will have to let the Planet flourish,
for it, cherish and nourish it.
"How much are we leaving for the next generation?"
is the question.
The need of the hour is conservation,
for it, what is necessary is reformation.
After all, nature has enough to fulfill every man's need,
but not every man's greed.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 


  • If only words couldpenetrate years older with the jingle of coins, if only compassion could warm hearts turned to stone…if only you and I coulld have a government that cared….

    Kirti Tripay
  • Amazing.
    Perfectly written for all the age groups..
    Waiting for some more
    All the best

  • Amazing.
    Perfectly written for all the age groups..
    Waiting for some more
    All the best

  • Beautiful💖

    Bushra zaveri
  • Beautifully written

  • Woahhh💯🔥 Amazing work❤️

  • Stop being so PERFECT. I’m JEALOUS.

  • Fantastico!!
    Brilliant stuff and so very well done.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Aaah! You always hit the bull’s eye! Always proud of you! Keep it up.

  • Precisely on point. Good one.

    Eileen S B
  • This is amazing dude!! 🔥🔥💯💯

  • Awesome💕God bless !!

  • Need a hat trick…dil want more :)

  • Woaaahhh!! Damn so proud of you.

  • Proud of you.
    Many more to come.

    Mubeen Ahmed
  • Maryam! Another week, another amazing work👏

  • Amazing!!

  • Spot on maryam! You always get the tone and rhythm right in your poems. Superb articulation. Keep up the good work !

    Manish Das
  • Beautiful 🌸💯

  • Keep it up. Nice one

  • Way to go Bete!Proud of you:)

  • Kudos!!!
    Many more to come 🙌


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