Saumya Wafa

I was always wondering about just one little question
Ever since I was a kid enough
to drive and desire for such sensible phenomenon
I seek for answers from father , mother , sister & brother ,
From teachers , friends , foes , Gods & neighbors
nobody could reply but they just laughed hard
and brushed it off
I am not saying that they were cruel
I don’t assume that they had any bad intention
I just by heart know the fact
They couldn’t help me as they were themselves Lost
in the pursuit of the answer of one simple question
only more and much more questions were born
with no money and no penny in my pocket
I kept on moving with the handful of thirst
and a heart full of quest
I was seeking the answers for the ‘ I’
Which I never knew only I could Reply
Longing for knowing the one and only Truth of Mine
I was rolling and trembling on the balls of fate
The whole world was a brightening bait
When I had only myself to bet
I got to know everyone else
In the quest I was getting it all
All that I never Demanded
And All that I always dreamt of
I got to know the Purest of Love
I always Craved for and Longed for
The naughtiest of Lust I always fantasized
A little devil that I also was
The Shy Dark Horse in my Disguise
An awkward angry black sheep
Among the herd of cows
I got to know the mighty big wolf the World is
I got to know how timid sheep was covering
My one Big Lioness heart ,
I realized how much so beautiful I am
When I always knew I was never enough for the ‘ so called’
I never moved an inch from the tiny space that all I had
but traveled the entire and whole lot of universe
From this world to the worlds afar
I didn’t spend a penny from my pocket
But spent all myself
At my best
Just to wait and watch
what comes the next !
A curious little rebel was on a voyage
To surf and sink
To dive , To Thrive ,
to gain and to Give
In the journey That was more a battle
I was wounded all over
And bleeding like an abandoned cattle
Yet I just Know how to love and forgive
As I knew I am not going to lose
It’s just one more battle left ;
Before I win,
It’s just one last step to walk ahead ;
Before I gain My Wings
A final confession
Before I kill the one last demon
The verge where I was standing,
From there on ahead;
It was all Life and Life Only,
Or Only the never ending dark pitch of death
And I needed to fall down , in order to learn;
How to use my wings to fly high
And then for one last time
fear crossed my shivering heart
And the chill of horror
ran through my blood and spine
Only to never come back again !
As I have already leapt forward ;
To let myself fall down
And yet I was falling
I kept on Smiling
The way I never smiled before
As I had my faith stronger than ever
That right an inch above
the moment before touching the ground
My wings will be fully grown
And I will know ;

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