"Who Am I" ?

 Shahina  Begum

Till 21 years,
I thought it was more like -
"I am my father's daughter
Or my brother's sister".

I grew up,started realising that "identity"
Is the need of the century. I started working on that.

"Don't give up so easily "- uttered my inner voice .
I ,I wanted to be a journalist
And then,they rejected ,I questioned.
I had to give up!

"Life is easy " - they say.
But the riddles aren't so easy to solve- are they?

What if you end up making a mistake
And they start treating you like hell
Can you then create an imaginary heaven ,for yourself .....?

And then you think to write,to explore,
To express,to let them know ....
You submit ,they reject ,
They say " we need some more maturity".

You suffer from an "identity crisis" - don't you ?
Sorry,I am too busy focusing on "you" .
How am I supposed to separate "you "from "I "?
Aren't you and I ,I mean "we" same ?

I became a teacher ,but then ...
Nobody even asks me how things are,they don't even look at me
I realised , identity is limited , it's more like a misused word.

At times,I become confused,
Earning money and earning name and fame are different things...
But history has many examples of proving it as the two sides of the same coin.

I was supposed to talk about my identity ,
And everytime I am off track .
A sincere apology !
"Who am I " is still a question of which I am trying to find an answer.

As of now,I am 'someone' holding a pen
And composing a poem , wanting it to get published!

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