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While in social isolation

By Kavya Agarwal 

Fleet in these moments of idleness.

Do not drear your own company.

Seeking your reflection in the shadows of others

Has to come to an halt,

because the mirror beside the store room door

has never craved your attention , your validation more.

There’s nothing waiting upon you more than this.


Traces the places of your home

which haven’t witnessed your aroma

for so many years now.

Places like your grandmother’s room

where she’s sitting in one corner

chanting some mantras ,

you’ll lend a closer year and would wonder

how religion is tearing apart half of the world

and yet holding together the other half.

Tell her about social isolation

and she will tell you that

how it is her seventy two years of life

described in two words.


Put your arms around the neck of your father

who’s glued to the television

-with his heart racing-

for his family is his only valued asset.

Your hands on those shoulders

wouldn’t be a weight

but would rather help shrug off

the baggage of worries

that’s weighing them down.

Answer to your mother

who’s been calling you for the fourth time now already.

Help her arrange the boxes in the upper shelves

where her hands fall short to reach

and let yourself be surprised

to know that this is all what it takes

to have those lips curled up.


Do not let yourself waste away

or shed off.

Do not get your mental health deranged

or yourself trapped

in the shackles of the guilt

that’s chasing you round the corners.

Instead let the air in the room

be saturated with you in this spilling hour,

catch these fleeting seconds by the finger

and tuck them under your mattress

for these will be all what you need

when your mind would be racing

racing faster than your legs can

for in that rushing minute

you’ll be already late for the train

one that’ll take back to the place

that smells of everything

but of these moments of idleness.



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