Where’s my safe haven?


New to the world,
New to the society.
Can't even speak a word,
And you left me bruised and in pain.
Oh! I was just a baby!!

Just turned six,
Just started enjoying my childhood.
Was so innocent and pious,
And you snatched my innocence.
Oh! I was just a child!!

At 13, I gained senses,
I just hit puberty.
Just started facing challenges,
And there I was with another life in me.
Oh! I was just a teenager!!

I just entered adulthood,
Ready to hold some responsibilities.
Mature enough to take decisions,
And there I was with a ripped dress of mine.
Oh! I was just a new adult!!

Later I was all set with a family,
2 tiny tots calling me mommy.
Queen of the house I was called,
And there I was in blood on the road.
Oh! I was just a mom!!

At last, had fulfilled all my duties,
Indulged in prayers and hymns.
Patiently waiting for the death to approach,
And there I was with lying helpless on the floor.
Oh! Even if I'm a grandmom!?

None of you or me are secured in this world,
Now, here I am scared at home all curled.
Such an act is a crime and not a mistake,
You've shaken my soul but I pray my strength doesn't break.
Oh society, your injustice keeps killing me,
Just like your boys, I always wish to be free.


  • Awesome lines go ahead with many wishes

    Nish jain
  • Amazing thoughts at this age!

  • Amazingly expressed…applauds fr litl gul wid grt thots

    Nisha vohra
  • Simple yet so powerfully delivered…
    a beautiful piece of writing😇
    Wish you luck for your future work and would love to read more stuff composed by you… MAHIMA🙂

    Heena Ali
  • The dictator of Germany, the 3rd reich applauds you.

    Adolf hitler
  • Amazing poetry Mahima….Keep it up 👌👌

  • Very heart touching poem….. Beautifully written. Great job mahi.

    Tanya bali
  • Amazingly written!! 😍
    Your poem writing skills are fabulous!! ❤️❤️❤️
    This is such harsh truth in our country, I wish this would be fixed soon.☹️

  • Soo true….. Good job mahi❤

  • Wow! An amazing piece.👌Well done my girl❣ keep it up❤

  • Gr8 piece!! Congratulations Mahi!

  • I love what you write . keep it up and share more such beautiful pieces of work with us❤

    Shubhi gaur
  • Oh my god💕 it is worth reading❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Amazingly written!!
    Congratulations Mahima💐

    Aparna Sharma
  • Splendid.. beautifully written

  • Very expressive and touching.👏👏👏 keep up the great work Mahima

    Vibha Kamra
  • Poem is speaking, not you speaking the poem. It is exceptionally well written. Looking forward to reading your next poetry…

    Nitin Ahuja
  • Good job maah……. proud of u my girllll😘😍❤

    Sameeksha arora
  • Wow…beautifully expressed!! Well done and keep up the good work. God bless Mahima.

    Garima Hussain
  • A beautiful thought penned very lucidly.
    Keep it up and continue with your good work Mahima 💗

  • The entire poem is very well written. Good job Mahima 👍🏻

  • Such a heart touching piece.. true mirror to this patriarchal society. Keep going dear….

    Chinky Goswami
  • It’s so captivating!!
    You expressed such intense emotions through your words so eloquently that it stirred me indeed!!
    Amazing work done.. looking forward to more enthralling pieces ♥️

    Rashmi Agarwal
  • Wow ! beautiful , heartfelt poem … keep up the good work. Looking forward to read more poems written by you.

    Saloni Arora
  • Such heart wrenching topic written so appropriately and beautifully. Story of every girl’s life which needs to reach the conscience of every man out there. Keep it up girl!

    Tanya Kochar
  • What you have stated here is the depiction of our so called sophitisticated society. Keep us the good work dear

  • What you have stated here is the depiction of our so called sophitisticated society. Keep us the good work dear

  • Very beautifully expressed!

  • Simply superbly splendidly soul-stirring!👏👏

    Deepika Sethi
  • Beautiful expressions!! It touches d core of heart emotionally n at d same time presents d inherent strength n courage a woman has!

    Seema Verma
  • Awestruck 😍😍 Super-duper amazing, Mahima ♥️♥️
    Very well done 👍
    Keep posting, girl 😘
    Will be waiting for more

  • Beautifully Expressed Keep it up!

  • Wow Mahima!! Beautiful feelings…. keep it up dear..

    Shivani Sehgal
  • Wow!👍
    Well written Mahima. Keep it up.

    Disha Tyagi
  • well done mahima, nice poetry, keep it up.

  • Beautiful feelings. It touched my heart.

    Sunita dang
  • Beautiful feelings. It touched my heart.

    Sunita dang
  • Beautiful feelings. It touched my heart.

    Sunita dang
  • Very well expressed Mahima…Can see a budding poet expressing amazing thoughts, Keep it up!!! God bless you…Author can’t be blank.

    Kusum Rawat
  • Poetess in making…… Butiful piece….. N it’s jus a beginning.
    Ripu Bhalla
  • Congratulations.. 🎉🎊 Mahima.. Wonderful.. What a powerful expression you have.. Keep it up.. God bless

    Vinita Mahto
  • I can see Mahima blooming .love and power to her👏

    DR Shruti Srivastava
  • Compendious!! Each word is full of emotions.. I could feel it. 🙂
    Appreciation and Applauds 👏🏻
    More power to you girl.. 👍

    Anugrah Tamang
  • Keep it up

    Beautifully captured the pain n trauma in a heart wrenching string of words. If only
  • Very nice . Really touching. Keep it up

    Amit Kumar
  • Very well articulated.

    Kumar Jaising
  • Very very well written. We can very well relate in today’s scenario. God bless

    Reena Lal
  • It’s a beautiful expression , Mahima. Each word is very powerful and heart touching. Commendable work indeed

    Smriti Nanda
  • Wow! That’s amazing.. And so very well written.. Very heart touching.. And completely puts across what we all feel in our hearts..

    Manasi Chawla
  • Nice poetry Mahima Great Work keep it up!

    Vipin kaushik

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