Where I belong

By Yashasvi Singh

You wipe away the chaotic presence of a thousand faces, unleashing this incredible silence you scream,

Peeling the happiness from your hands that carry the stars of the place where you belong. 

Your hand claws down my skin

Tearing it down to my rib cage 

Wrapping instantly my torn body and visible brittle bones with your existence. 

You blow like the summer wind over my face that holds my Fragile smile with my visible and missing teeth. 

You hold my hand, 

Where your fingers speak poetry to mine

I manage to grasp

some of it with my empty hands

bruised from 

holding on, for too long.

You've always held me in the flickering crowd of familiar and unfamiliar faces,

You cradle  me in your arms 


I sleep 


I seep down the universe you carry in your raw and tender arms , 

Which calms my wilderness like I have come home.

After all, loneliness you’ve 

 loved me enough 

to always,

have been the home where I have  belonged.


  • Wonderful! ❤️❤️

    Ayushi Tiwari
  • ❤️ beautiful ?

    Ishna Singh
  • Awesome

  • Nice!

  • Lovely! ?

    Arushi Singh

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