Where Drinks Conjure Friends

Payal Priya

“Talk, talk , talk”, they shout
And turn and leave
And not a word is uttered.
Left alone, I dance my drunken dance
Old Monk and beer cans
Conjure friends out of strangers
Rolling a joint,
Rolling on the floor,
Crying over a love that’s lost,
Laughing till tears well up
Dancing, the fireflies last dance.
In this room locked;
Stuffed with smoke of secrets
Two strangers met and kissed
Lying in embrace they promised,
Promises to be forgotten by dawn .
Everyone listened,
Someone cooked, delicious juicy chicken
No one complained when someone wanted to puck
Instead they brought a bucket.
Lying on the ground , with half closed eyes
Someone whispered “Heaven!Heaven!”
The smoke was gone
Where is the psychedelic heaven?
This stench smells of hangover , and hell.
The room was locked again ,
With no friends ,no strangers ,no lovers,
Lonely shadows sat with their nightmares
Trying to dream of a distant land,
Where drinks did not conjure friends;
And found a friend waiting at the door,
Shouting , lest they will be late for school again
Four girls returning from school together ,
Having puchkas on their way.
She held a hand tight
On an ice cold morning
Shouting ,”Dad ,Dad!”
She tugged on to a coat
As a stray dog approached

Cry, cry , no one hears
And gulp those tears with whiskey
Scroll and scroll , there is a long list.
When the call gets through ,
The line is busy
I pick up a knife at times
Drawing lines of my wrist
Atleast my body hears my pain.
I will not drown
There is no death
But icecream tubs and half eaten pizza
And drinks that conjures friends
The smoke of weed prevails!

A child sits on the roof of her hut
Looking at stars
Dreaming of living under a city sky
A old woman sits in an empty room
Dreams swirl in a glass
With nightmares .

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  • Wow , so beautifully written ❤️

    Satish kumar Girotiya

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