When Love Was Born

By Shriya Bhardwaj 

Love did not happen at first sight 
It was born
With sparks flying in the brain
A twitching vein on the forehead
A wave of heat flowing from the ears to the cheeks, 
making them plump and plush 
A tingle in the stomach 
A tiny heart beating faster than usual 
With fragrant flowers blooming in the lungs
Love did not happen at first sight 
It was born;
Love grew into a child 
It was stubborn 
It held onto two bodies and refused to let go
It was sweet 
It glued them to a single soul
It was rhythmic 
It synchronized their heartbeats 
Enabling them to communicate telepathically 
Love did not happen at first sight 
It was born;
Love grew into an adult 
It was bold
They stared into each other's eyes perpetually
It was affectionate  
They held hands and leaned onto each other's shoulders
It was boundless 
They could talk without being aware of the hour 
It was neurotic 
They danced to each other's hums 
It was affectionate 
They wrapped themselves in each other 
Love did not happen at first sight 
It was born;
Love never grew old 
Love never perished
Love bloomed 
Love is timeless 
Love is raw
Love is juvenile 
Love is alive.


  • Shriya Bhardwaj makes you feel things you didn’t know you were capable of feeling. She does that with words, and so much more.

    Mukul Jindal
  • So fresh…lively and appealing Shriya!!
    All the best dear! Keep writing!!

  • One of the most beautiful and lively expression of love.
    Bahut khub!👍

    Keep writing! <3

  • Dearest Shriya, as I read and re- read your words, I’m amazed at their depth and symbolism. I look forward to more amazing intakes from you! Lots of love to my favourite cookie baker!

    Medha Gaur Menon
  • Too good & touching,like a mornings cool breeze experienced. Keep it up. May God bless you.

  • This poem touched me especially because not one word of it was superficial, it was all real and felt real when I read it. I could feel it all happening and it made me feel like I was falling in love all over again. Thanks for this poem Shiri :’)

    Saniya Nautiyal
  • These beautiful lines are so alive!!! Like a morning doze of chai….. Awakening and fresh !!! Lovely Shreya……??

    vasudha anand
  • I find this poetry really intriguing. I seriously did fall in love with the kind of personification of the emotion. It’s exquisite.

    Nidhi Dhanwani

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