When a girl says 'kiss me'


When a girl says kiss me
Just. Dont.
You clearly would not be prepared for what comes next
Like commitment
Or concern.
When a girl says kiss me
Ask her to repeat herself
Hold her close
Her chin between your thumb and your index finger
Feel her breathe
Her diaphragm contracting and expanding.
If her breath doesn’t rush
If her cheeks dont blush
If you dont see magic in her eyes
Or the trembling of her body
Dont kiss her.
Don’t mistake her shaking body for fear
She is not scared
She is not needy
She is not finding validation
When a girl says kiss me
She wants to know how you react.
She will notice the minutest details about you right then
So she can go on and tell her friends
“And he looked at my lips and into my eyes and by God it fixed the scars on my wrists”
Ask her to repeat herself.
See how her body welcomes you
If she asks you for time
Bring her every clock in the world
If she asks for space
Take her to NASA
If she asks for affection
Hug her into your chest and promise her you won’t hurt her
Because you won’t
When a girl asks you to kiss her
Look into her eyes
Kiss her forehead
Kissing her doesn’t meant you’ve to shove your tongue in her mouth.
Don’t take a long awkward pause,
It’s unhealthy for her anxiety.
She will think you think she’s unattractive.
Don’t call her beautiful if you don’t mean it
But don’t let her feel ugly.
Don’t look at her fucking boobs.
Please. Don’t.
Look at her lips and run your finger across them.
Kiss her first with your eyes
Then with your fingers
Then with your breath that smells of cigarettes and good intentions
And if you have any more of you left
Kiss her with your lips.
Don’t go too fast
Don’t ruin the moment for her.
Hold her close
Put one hand on her waist without wondering how wide it is
Another on her neck suppressing your desire to choke the life out of her
Hold her close.
Don’t go too fast with her
She’s used to that.
Knock her over by making her count each and every breath when she’s with you
Like deep sea diving.
Or watching the sunset by a beach
Make her realise every breath she takes
With you. Through you. For you.
When a girl says kiss me
Don’t think she will spread her legs next.
She won’t.
Don’t expect her to.
Instead, push her knees together
And tell her that you might have a lot of flaws
But being a dick isn’t one of them.
When a girl says kiss me
Kiss her
Kiss her recklessly
Kiss her without looking at who’s around
Without wondering how it’ll be for your image
Show her off in that moment as yours
As a part of you
As much as the scar that runs down your knee from that one time you were riding a bicycle
As much a part of you as your tattoo that shows off your veins
As much a part of you as your loneliness at sundown.
Kiss her
Hold her
Be gentle
Keep her near you
Kiss her awkward smile
Her crooked teeth
Her anxiety
Her scars and stretch marks and unwanted hair
Her years of laying in bed at night without sleep.
Kiss her neck. Her forehead. Her eyes. And lastly, her lips.
Kiss her. Just don’t limit it to her body.


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  • Do boys really think of that before kissing a girl? Wish that should happen a lot…. Although a very nicely expressed poem it is… Very few boys does that… Good work :-)

    Sonal Dalvi
  • Do boys really think of that before kissing a girl? Wish that should happen a lot…. Although a very nicely expressed poem it is… Very few boys does that… Good work :-)

    Sonal Dalvi
  • This is one of the best things I’ve read.

    Mahek Shivnani
  • @PeeCee coming next :D

  • This is absolute amazing! Please check out my blog https://mycaffeinediaries.wordpress.com/ it will mean a lot :’)

    Riya Singh
  • What about “When a Boy Says ‘I Love You’”?


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