What will people say?

Anushka Sharma

Did you know, In India, ‘public display of affection is forbidden?’
Do you know why mental health is a taboo?

Innumerable things are kept “hush-hush” because of this small phrase that holds way too much significance in our lives, “what will people say?”

We have all heard our parents or so-called “well-wishers” say, “Do not stay out late at night, people will talk” or “why are you wearing such skimpy clothes? What will people think?" Isn’t it funny that our lives are governed by these strangers whom we have not met in our lives? Who are these “people” who have a problem with me wearing clothes of my own choice or who are so worried about my safety that they don’t want me staying out late at night?

I think all these “concerned” people have a fear of missing out. Major FOMO alert! That is why they want to know where we are going, why, with whom, till when and so on. My personal experience is not much different from this. I was not allowed to laugh too much around strangers, especially boys, or use abusive language in public because the neighbor on the third floor might hear me. Gosh! It would be a doomsday for me.

But you know what, who cares? This life is not long enough to worry about other people’s judgment who have nothing better to do with their time. You can rebel against the people around you, but you can’t go against every person, and why should you? Is it worth it to waste our time changing people’s mindset when they are not ready to accept our ideas? No, absolutely not. So, do what you wish to do and ignore all the irrelevant voices stopping you from enjoying life. Every experience in life counts, no matter how big or small they are because that is what makes it unique.

A quote from the well-known series ‘Dark,’ “A decision for something is a decision against something else.” This time and these opportunities might not come in your life again, so don’t let them go just because of this notion that “what will people say?” They can say whatever they want to because I want to live a life with no regrets. Decide to live a life full of joy and crazy plans. You deserve it.

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