What Will People Say

Every morning, just wanted five more minutes to stay,
Then came a screaming sound from the kitchen
And mom said,"get up, or what will people say"?
On my best friend's birthday,
My middy dress was all set to slay,
My dad's voice stopped my way,
Saying," what will people say"?
After my high school,
I wanted to study literature and live my life my way,
But a phone call from my uncle forced me to engineering,
Exclaming,"what will people say"?
Oh! Love of mine,I now really can't wait fir our marriage day,
Finally, we're readh with our goals and the place we would stay,
But this time, our parents don't but our communities had the say,
Again, to my happy life, there's a question,
"What will people say"?
My question to all the supreme powers existing,
Why do I need to worry "what will people say"?
It's my life, my rules,
You people will never ever have any say,
Remember, you're speaking, until I'm listening you
The day I'll stop bothering, will be day, I'll make my way
And I'd never care," what will people say"?
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'What will people say / Log kya kahenge'

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  • Very true, simplicity and to the point.
    Love it✌


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