What Shall I Always Be!

I am an Indian,
My thoughts are too.
The air I breathe,
The water I bathe
Is as effervescent as India is.
The kajal under my eyes,
My blood of strong ties.
The melanin of my skin
This is what I have been.
The wronged accent I carry,shyness I marry
The Indianess in me is primary.
The tunes of my harmonium
And tones of Bhairavi
And everyday my Guru shouts-
"Thik se,Pallavi!"
The bindi, bangles and blouse of bright colours
We are taught to be a cultural scholar.
I call everyone "bhaiya"on the street.
And touch the elder's feet.
The chai of elaichi,my food must be in mirchi
Nestling the Indian in me.
As my Maa blows the conch shell,
The aarti must I spell.
Evenings are eventless 
Without gossips that are never listless.
As my panipuri cravings 
Are endless.
Dinner with a family of ten
And my Nani advises,
"Apply boroline at ten".
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indianess'


  • Wonderful. Just, wonderful.

    Adrian Lyngwa
  • Loved it. could relate to everything

    vaibhav rikhari

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