What are we?

By Kanika Singh 

What happened to us?
Where did we go wrong? 
What did I do? 
What should I have done? 
Would talking have helped?
Would that right the wrongs?
What happened to us? 
Were we never that strong?
Weren't we close, 
To being one of our kind?
Was it all just in my mind?
Wasn't this supposed to be, 
Something hard to find? 
I was supposed to be happy, 
Not out of my freaking mind!
I guess I fell for you. 
Wasn't that the stupidest thing I ever did?
And I know I'll get over it,
Who am I trying to kid?
I really did fall for you,
Who could've seen?
And I know I'll get over it. 
But I'll never stop thinking, 
About all that we could've been?

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  • This touched my heart.

    Aditya Dube

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