We'll Meet Again

To the one who got away, 
We'll meet again, won't we?
Because what we had, although there is no label
For it, it was beautiful. 
Call it wishful thinking, which I have
An abundance of, I truly believe
That we'll meet somewhere down the line,
Maybe 10 years later or so when we're both 
Older and more mature, and have learnt to move on
From the scars of today. 
When we meet again, I'd hold on to you
And never let you go, because
I'd like to take back all the words that
I said to you out of spite because
I was too insecure to lose someone who
Barely belonged to me. 
When we meet again, I'll kiss you the way
I described I did in my dreams -
Fierce, gentle, cautious, uninhibited, all at once
And I hope you do the same.
When we meet again, I won't tell you
About all my problems and my sleepless nights
Because you've heard enough of those
Instead, I'll tell you of every sunset I witnessed
Every movie I saw, every book I read, 
Every place I traveled and how, in all this, 
I wished you were by my side. 
When we meet again, I will give you all that's
Left of me, because with you I became someone
Different, someone who made me love myself.
When we meet again, I hope you'll see love 
In my eyes that you missed before.
When we meet again, I hope you'll stay.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Breakup

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