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We'll meet again

By Apoorva

The night gets darker
But not darker than my thoughts
My spirit is breaking
And it wants to escape my soul
I can't fight any longer
This battle that I always loose 
Past is my enemy
It wants to burn my home
Future's bleak 
I'm seeking an easy cure
I can't find you anymore
I wish you were here before
There's no escape 
From this treacherous path
Which leads nowhere
There must be hope
For fools like me 
But i can no longer see
And I wonder 
Was I destined to be doomed?
I wished I could change my fate
And have you by my side 
Until the end 
But Now that you're gone
My heart aches  your presence
I need a saviour
To save me from myself
To confine my fears
But I can't find you anymore
I wish you were here before
But I was there for you
When your weepy eyes
Strayed for my shadow
I held your hand through
Those lonesome nights
Waiting for a flickering light
I wished for your happiness
With a burned heart 
And a tortured mind
But now 
I don't laugh or even cry
Memories burn my soul
I look for your presence
In strangers eyes
But I can't find you anymore
I wish you were here before
In this life or on the side
I Know
We'll meet again
Under a vast radiant moon
Where the gentle wind will croon
The songs of love and hate 
And how I couldn't change my fate
Maybe then you'll know
All the love that I could never show


  • Thanks everyone for your kind responses ?

  • Perfectly expressed:)

  • Beautiful writing. I loved the last stanza a lot. This kind of poetry fills you with emotions

    Arushi Bhat
  • Great poem…one of your finest!!!

    Akshita Singh
  • Thanks for reminding..
    You have just proved my desperation here with this comment ?

  • “writers are desperate people, when they stop being desperate then they stop being writers” ~ bukowski

    Tejaswini Adaya

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