Welcomed Back

By Sharanya Brinda

You walk away dragging along your cloak of fantasies....

I, for one, who was once enclosed within...

And saw it as my sky and universe...

Only to realize now,

That it was just a thin sheet,that flew over me,a hologram.

You walk away,

My starlit sky vanishes

The cool breeze that played with my hair, turns into storm..

The drizzles become heavy rain..

I sink into the water..

will there be any day I'd say ''you've been gone for too long''?

will there be any time my mind would convey that its time for me to move on..?

You shoot away like a comet, slowly fading off from my vicinity...

The show has ended.

I am headed back to the kingdom of nothingness..

The bellman rings his bell and announces "We welcome back another fool!"

I pass the gate of devastation,walk through the streets of dejection, and lock myself up in my hut of isolation.. 


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • S Devika: Thank you so much!!

    Sharanya B
  • Meera Rachel: Thank you so much!Glad you like it!

    Sharanya B
  • Wow! Wonderful! Excellent Poem ??

    Meera Rachel
  • Wow.. keep writing

    S Devika
  • Good attempt..good wishes

  • Thank you!

  • Excellent. ..keep going


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