Welcome To The 21st Century

By Amullya Rai

Welcome to the 21st century: the mighty age of technology.
But not that of my privacy. I gave that up when I did agree
to live in this Land of Policy. 
Come on in, to Globalisation: how convenient it is to talk to my cousin,
who is half way around the nation. Heard he's a social media sensation,
living in isolation.
Climb aboard this digital boat and shove more info down your throat,
and if you want to stay afloat, listen close; take down this note:
“STOP being Sheep... Update to Goat."
Hop on to this happy ride, trust the papers that bribes write,
Believe the news in plain sight but don't you budge it ain't your fight...
...It's the government's job, am I right? 
Anyway so I found a new app. It makes up for what the world thinks that I lack,
What I eat, what I do, where I'm at, I snap and now everyone knows I got swag.
Don't use it? Guess you must be sad.
Let's flip a bottle get viral real quick; all it takes is 6 seconds not even a minute,
From rags to riches overnight ain't a myth. Northeastern Prime Minister, is it?
Now that's some shit!
Turn on the radio let's listen to some music. Oh, but without a video? Better YouTube it,
Well, it's meant to be audio but that's just basic especially, if you're like me a new age kid,
With the best grades at: Being Stupid.
I want simple things in life: girls, booze and fancy cars. I want to have fun, go hopping bars,
I want it all without working hard and I don't really care where my parents are,
As long as that they're really far.
But actually the real problem with me is that I got an acute case of ADHD,
Yet I don't blink when I'm watching TV or better yet watching reality...
...In quad HD.
So, isn't it quite natural that I'm just busy and don't want to stand next to a minority,
Cause in this Land of Great Democracy; 10:1 is a marvelous strategy.
So, here's one for all new to society,
Welcome to the 21st Century.

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  • “STOP being Sheep… Update to Goat." — I can visualize this on a T-shirt. :)


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