We yearn for our pride

By Samyak Singh
My heart aches to find an answer,
Being forsaken is a curse or fate?
Bloodsheds, wounds waged a disaster
Budding lives, how long they must wait.
Once were the pillars,
Now are being taken down
I can feel it in the dust,
Everything is soar in this town.
We yearn for our pride,
Don't care who holds the crown,
For it treasures love, not lies
But things seem cascading down.
Rulers, monarchs, parties take a hit,
For they thrive for a mark
Indexed marks can get them the seat,
The stance we got can kill the dark!
All those who vowed for the service,
Take it back for we're done being tricked!
Forget the country, you sold our peace!
An entity inherent, it's time we picked.
Now we shall drive the wagon,
A wagon of change; pain to smiles
You don't see wounds, but the color,
Nation being drenched in for miles.

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  • Thank you so much! It’s amazing to go through this literary drama.

    Samyak Singh

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