We are learning to 'Love'

Debosree Manna

I've been busy in these quarantine days
editing pictures of mine-
some of them in 'VSCO', others in 'B612',
some of them a bit 'warm', others 'pinkish',
some of them a bit tilted towards the edges, while,
those with 'aesthetic appeals',
I, put in white frames. And, the other day,
I was making the evening dusk,
as captured through the window grills
a bit like 'dawn',
the 'contrast-bar' left and right
and flaunt my skills
social-media sites. The other day,
I took out the dust-attired album
instead of recalling the long gone time, I,
posted myself in a tiny frock that said,
"Good old days in a frock
With all the cruelties shut in a lock!"
A few days later, I, forced a friend to open
an account in 'Instagram',
with an attempt to increase the
'follower count' and she said,
"With an extra account,I, will be distanced within."Perhaps,
this is how one account will be less,
this is how one account will 'disable' itself, and,
this is how we are learning to love ourselves.

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