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Waves of Jane’s Mind

Sukanya Kar

Life is a paradox. To some it’s never a bed of roses while for some else it’s keep going amidst struggles on the path. Life is a test. The never giving up attitude is the essence that purifies our mind , clears our conflicts, brings new aspirations towards life , provides us courage to accomplish our heart’s desire. With heart’s desire develops our dreams – the inspirations, seeds and aspirations to survive . For Jane her dreams are the fuel to live a fruitful , honest and moral life. It’s her optimistic attitude and the feeling to dust up and drive back straight into life if met with failure that made her who she was. She dreamt to be the best version of her authentic self daily as the sun rises every morning. With every new dawn opens up the opportunity to work hard, get determined and fulfil one’s longing . To penchant her life is just like the story of phoenix –who rises from every ashes. She struggled, craved and cried , wore scars but with pride. The scars are the badge that strengthened her even more than before and let her squeeze every opportunity on her journey.
Amidst conflict and confidence is satisfaction. This satisfaction, a realm of tranquillity comes to Jane when she visits the sea-side. The thundering, roaring collection of waves is a replica to her nostalgia. The waves of the sea to Jane signify millions of sorrows that her smile subsides. Her life has never been an icing on the cake. But it never stopped her to dream beyond her expectations amidst the multitude of despair that her enthusiasm to survive, her fantasy to dream and her inspiration to fulfil her desires hide. A grown-up Jane now remembers her past, her nostalgia highlights flashback of thousand dreams, despair and determination. To be a girl suffering from schizophrenia, she feels pity for her past life when to her: “Life sucks”!It’s tough to breathe, to think !it’s tough beyond imagination!”Along with her past recollections of sorrow is a page of determination , strong will power and victory.
The beautiful girl was a bookworm, very fond of novels. She found her immense pleasure within the pages of the books and her high ambitions kept in her a promising ray of hope parallel with the characters’ success of life’s journey.
To Jane , life is not a bed of roses, but, every cloud has a silver lining. Her teens was a night-mare now . She suffered endlessly and battled with the deadly disease. But her endless sufferings opens up a story of a brave girl who never gives up.
It’s said that fortune favours the brave. To Jane, education is enlightenment and a medium of reformation. She never gave up although it was tough to continue with her studies. As the waves of the sea brings a sense of fear with thunder and roar , so was the disease of Jane . It worsen her life to a great extent . But time and tide waits for none , and time is never constant so are the waves of the ocean or sea.
The waves brought many repercussion to her past life, but many stories of bravery attached to her confidence. Jane grew up more confident ,day by day. She is an honest fellow for whom education , character , right thoughts and execution brings success in life. A darling daughter of Mr and Mrs Eliot she grew up to be the most beautiful girl of her locality. A girl with inner and outward beauty passed all her exams with flying colours. She was now undergoing her PhD research in English.
Jane , a schizoid and a patient of depression under medication took her disease as a means to challenge herself to go beyond her dreams . Jane even cracked the administrative exam ranked high in the list of her batch mates. She even was crowned Miss University . Jane as a child always dreamt to become a bureaucrat to reform society , work for people and serve society. But hallucination and schizophrenia stood on her path as the greatest barrier to fulfil her desires. A fellow research scholar and an administrative officer himself Darcy fall in love with the brainy , bossy and beautiful Jane .
Jane and Darcy got engaged to be married soon. On the wedding night before marriage Jane called Darcy and exclaimed: “ I am a nerve and a mental patient Darcy......I got diseased during my later teens and is completely under medication yet... My worlds changed after becoming a mental patient, which changed my is hard! It’s tough to breathe! To think! To survive............................Everyday is a new challenge ...a bigger challenge day by day..”
She was crying her heart’s out .Darcy came to her, hold her tight and exclaimed: “I am proud to be yours groom, dear Jane ! I am the happiest one to be your soul mate and life -partner........It’s not a curse to be a patient., or a mental patient........I Brain is the most vital part of our body like other parts....I feel extremely ecstatic that you disclose the brave words to me with confidence...You aren’t sick anymore dear!! I am with you forever..Together we will create a dream like conjugal nest—as life partners-as lifelines!”We will change the perception of people regarding the taboo of mental diseases that it’s not a curse rather a blessing that challenges to the utmost like you did dear Jane and set forth a high benchmark in the society.”
It’s well said that all is well that ends well and is rightly appropriate for the priceless Jane. She is blessed now with happiness, prosperity and satisfaction. A confident, and delighted Jane visits the sea-side. She turns towards the waves, enjoys the breeze and realizes life is beautiful once one realizes the true purpose of life through one’s dream , fantasy and strength to live that dream.

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