Wasn't Mine anymore

Prachi Kashyap

Remembering your warm arms around me,
My heart beats in pain.
It was just yesterday we talked of building our own home,
But today, it's all shattered.
The dreams are gone forever,
And so are you. 
With a heavy heart,
I cleaned our glass frame.
Only to make it glow.
But what's the use,
When it's all broken inside,
Lying into pieces in you and me.
I cried in vain.
And my tears kept rolling across the face,
Which you called Enchanted,
And Yours.
But it wasn't yours anymore,
Which hurt me the most.
Drops of rain fell across my lips,
As I moved out in heavy rain,
Something flashed,
It seemed like your sweet lips met mine,
And love birds kissing with joy
In the blissful rain.
Oh love! 
It wasn't just a breakup.
Your soul broke its relationship with mine.
Our naked souls which met that night,
And cherished its moments,
Couldn't meet each other again.
My hair hung loose in the heavy storm,
And your memories were alive again,
Deep inside my head.
I closed my eyes,
And saw you playing with my hairs.
Only to make me shiver in pain at the mere thought.
Streaks of lightening flashed across the sky,
And celebrated my grief.
I collected my broken pieces of heart,
But failed to rejoin it again.
It just wanted a magical touch,
From YOU.
Thoughts of you constantly hurried across my brain.
Everything was moving within a flash of a second.
I was losing my consiousness.
All I needed was you.
But my inner voice muttered,
"He isn't yours anymore."

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