Was It My Fault?

By Sudarshan Kumar
Whoever said that it was better to have loved and lost,
than to have not loved at all was definitely amiss.
For now I realize that what we do not know cannot hurt us,
And that ignorance is truly bliss.
I grasp at the sheets of my bed,
where you used to rest by my side.
And fill me with the warmth of your smile,
Now in your absence, I feel empty inside.
Most midnights, I wake up drenched in cold sweat,
haunted by visions of your ghostly apparation.
Caught between a guilt stricken conscience and gut wrenching agony,
at the end of our glorious yet short lived association.
I stare listlessly at the night sky ,
connecting starry dots scattered upon the black canvass.
I wonder if you can see me from the heavens,
Engulfed in cigarette smoke and sadness.
I am a man of little faith in fate,
And this makes the pain so much harder to endure.
It makes me wonder if things are truly written in the stars?
For your departure from this world was extremely premature.
Your arrival felt like a door to paradise but your departure?
It feels like someone opened Pandora's box.
Which is why I insist that ignorance is bliss,
and it better to have never loved rather than having loved and lost.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Breakup'


  • Amazing 😍 keep writing man….. Waiting for next one …

  • Wooooooah.

    The labelled one
  • Kyaa bat, kyaa bat….

  • Very well written 👌👌

    Madhav Nagori
  • Very well written 👌👌

    Madhav Nagori

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