Voice awaits

Chillara Sindhu

I am fragile
Waiting to be bloomed
Picking my dreams
Love is the only language I know
world I am is wings of butterfly
waiting my wings to grow
Every dusk and dawn
Is a note
How I hope
To soar
All the faces I know
All the smiles I love
Are becoming bizarre !
I nowhere feel warmness of their embrace
Those smiles and eyes are imp
The love I know
Make my hope awake
Little by little
Moment by moment
Darkness size
My shine
Faces I knew were strangest of all
Smiles I hear grown scary
It's a calm full moon night
Yet I see dark around
Storm inside
Slowly my eyes weighed
I wish it's a dream
It's a night
Where nightmare has a form
Beast turns human
Prevailing darkness
The deepest part of hell might have seen the monster I saw
A cruel smile covered the room
Where I can't even hear voice
My breath stopped,
My soul abducted
Though I write
In a hope I could be heard
In a glimpse
They would realize
It's not a girl's offense to get assaulted
The warmth I hope would protect
Torn my wings apart
My heart dried up
Formed to tears
Rolling on my cheeks
My soul roared
questioning all Gods
Where were they?
When I need them most!
I felt like feather
Searched and screamed
Father !Father
No one could hear
My voice gone hoarse
Here I lay under stone
Waiting for my voice
To be heard
You out there
Lit the light
Warn off the dark
Heal the band
Voice my pain

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