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By Meenakshi Shukla
Unkept Promises often end up
In the dumpster of resentments
Rottning a bit more as the calendar flips to another year
Comfortably yet suddenly...
So this year my resolution confines only around me.
Which is to daydream a little less
Not because magic perished my eyes in last 365 days
But because snapping out of it takes more time than it should.
And reality tastes sour after the overdose of sugary
Drops of magic land, the space I am closest to myself
ending up seeing through real people a lot.
Fun fact-Rarest of the rare diamonds break easily
That's why you keep such humans safe in the proximity of your warmth.
Cause losing out on good vibes cannot be compensated.
Last year should be lauded as a milestone, when it comes to making wrong choices
Good thing, I am done making them all...
So, I don't plan on attempting no mistakes
I begin my hustle of doing what's best for me instead.
And best doesn't always have to be painful!
I know it the hard way now.
Lost time are lost pennies, that you owe to a younger version of yourself.
After having to waste good amount of it
On things, people, goals smaller than a drop in the ocean...
I decide to invest it or save it, but not splurge it now.
And if you feel that self love's a lot to keep up with
Imagine the gravity of self harm you've been inflicting on yourself
all along the year.
tip of the iceberg!

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