Venture Of My Dreams

I remember when I was a child,my silly mind always used to venture over the glorious places within my glowy eyes,
The fact is still not unchanged,I still sit and contemplate over Paris and Spain,
Should I see the shimmering Eiffel Tower under the cotton candy skies,
Or should I eat Gazpacho in the cozy Spain.
Travelling runs the adrenaline in my veins,
It coaxes me to leave everything and experience my dreams.
The colors and the spark of the city flame,changes my heart into a serene space.
Backpack on my shoulder,friends walking beside,today I'll take a shot and travel to an unknown sight.
I won't see directions or pay heed to any signs,I'll feel the breeze and sway and fly light.
I'll reach the place of my dreams or end up on the bank of an unknown stream, 
I'll get caught up in a blizzard or brush sand off my sleeves,
The beaches and rivers will lead me to an epiphany.
I'll laugh and learn the secrets of Earth,she'll whisper her problems in my ears.
We'll make a pact and take an oath to never hurt her beautiful face and clean it's shores 
So I'll head again towards the next destination who knows maybe I'll find an unknown prolific tree or and endless forest decorated with my childhood dreams.
I'll travel till my bosom is filled,I may feel aweary but my dreams to travel will never die.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 

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  • Nicely written !


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