Akshita Sharma

I slide my hands slowly under my pants,
Quivering, pulsating,
Euphoric to feel the out- worldly pleasure
My friends constantly yapped about,
For I had never been touched,
Never been fervently kissed,
Never been caressed with affection.

My hands reached my clit,
My legs spread wide open
I ran my fingers around it,
Sighing heavily each time it moved.
I felt my nipples harden,
And I clutched my breast,
Feeling my heart go berserk,
Feeling my clit tighten,
Igniting me deliriously.
I moved down,
Dawdling on my clit,
Purposely pausing
To seductively stroke my lubricating vagina.
My fingers went in deep into my vagina,
Gently stroking its walls,
While my entire body
Danced lithe to the tune of my fingers.
This was a fire waiting to be kindled,
And I had to find it,
The spot of unimaginable, heavenly pleasure.
As I stroked the walls faster,
I felt a sudden piercing pain,
A sudden bout of bliss,
I gasped as I stroked the point faster,
Reaching sensual ecstasy.
I exclaimed loudly,
I yelled her name out loud-
Until I came-
Feeling my soul harmonise with my body for the first time,
Feeling rapturous for the first time,
I had orgasmed for the first time .

Sophie- she was all I fantasized,
All I deliberated on
For she was the rhythm of my heart,
And the zealous brightness that enlightened my life.

Today I see her passionately kissing Eric,
And I realise,
It was time to put my veil on again,
A veil to cover my blemished soul,
A veil to cover my sexuality
For I was a feeble bird,
Caged arduously by the norms of this sardonic, unjust society.

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