Varalika Mishra

By Varalika Mishra


My childhood was lived in my grandma’s arms

I was cradled with love and kindness

My grandma was an epitome of courage and power

She taught me about women empowerment and about the idea of being comfortable in one’s own company

For me, she was my oxygen…

I still remember, it was the month of my birthday; when I got the news about her demise…

For a moment, I was numb… I didn’t want to forgive her for leaving me all alone…

My universe had been shaken and I could not breathe for few days…


I was in 4th grade but I fell into depression…

I did not know how two souls could be separated


My inner voice whispered, she will come back in another life to cradle me again…


It is 2019 and last year I was gifted a dog, Clementine.

I do believe, Clementine is a pure soul and is connected to my soul…


Rumi once said, ‘Lovers do not meet, they are in each other all along…’


My grandma never left me, she is in me, embedded in my heart chakra…

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'


  • Enthralling ! Keep writing!

    Sweyta Mishra
  • Touched the core of the being … Very well worded Varalika … Keep it up…

  • That was really good!! Keep it up varalika.

  • Very touching ! Superb . Keep it up . God bless you

    Nawalkant Sethi

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