Valentine's day-Absence of My soul


When I enter the place of ours without you
The empty chair of your's fades all the known human around me,
All I could sense is  hollow absence of my soul,
The deep inside of me is only hearing ,a thick striking innocent voice of yours,
All these Countless days of your imaginary presence,
Made me more strongly weak,
Made me realize and I scream all alone,
That I only own  illusive parts of yours
And I rush to create moments of happiness for ours
Made sure your are unaware of my  deep past scars,
I write words of joy for your name.
Only to hide that your absence has made me lame,
I draw satirical portraits of yours
Because you have given me cherishable moments over the life's shores,
In search of my heavy soul which is missing 
Only filled with innumerable
Unshown care,
Unsent messages ,
Unrevealed poems,
Pretendances of friendship gestures,
And Unsaid heartbreaks cos of you.
Everybody around me says that pain through heartbreaks doesn't really pain and doesn't  create scars,
But it pains,
The pain from inside has reached my throat now,
The sharp pain is continous allowing no time to heal like I am amputated inch by inch everyday,
All alone unable to bare it ,is when I cry.
Cry out of pain..
Your negligence and cruelty over me is when I realize all my feminism thoughts have died infront of you, You ,Man!!
All I become is a slave.
All I become is like a lost hopeless child in between a crowd of festival
I realize that love is blind with no reasons
Everytime I realize that I wouldn't get the so called love from you ,
I decide
Only to unlove you
But I fail .
Fail every time to stop loving you as it remains as heartbeat ..
I carry this burden of joy with my soul wrapped in your absence
Only waiting for you to uncover it.
Ever you want to hear the rhythm of your name,
Hug me hard as you'll enjoy your music in me,
Kiss me deep as you'll taste you in me,
Hold me tight as you'll would feel all my cells move towards you
But You remain calm only to show me that I don't deserve you.
All you wanted to hear is my fullest love for you,
All I could get in return is your mere silence .
And that mere silence  tears me apart as shattering pieces of glass
The walk on those shattered pieces are as painful as i miss you every second.
Every time my heart wants to talk to you,
All I do is wait for you on an empty opposite table.
All I do is just see you everyday and unwilling to talk.
All I do is pretend not to talk.
All I could hear a warning from my head that you are going to tear me apart again.
All I do is prepare myself to pick up my pieces scattered as random stars.
All I show is I am weak in front of my love for you.
All I wanted for us to get wet in the gushing musical rain.
All I wanted was your morning kiss of sunshine.
All I long every night is our fingers to be entwined.
All I needed was your soul into mine.
But ,all you needed was my flesh around my longing soul.
The more I go farther from you,the more I hurt myself.
And you least bothered about itself.
All I could do now is just, miss you .
You will never know how much you are missed by me.
You will never be missed by anybody as much as me 
You will ever be missed by me.

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  • Abhinaya, each and every line of your poetry is oozing out the pain of your broken heart!! A true lover will appreciate each and every word of yours… can feel your emotions, pain, through your poetry!!!!!


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