Satabdi Mohanty

In the soundless night, I lay lonely by his side
In the silvery night, I stare blankly at the moonlight
In the callous bed, he crawls deep into me
In the closed chambers, he religiously mangles me

Shedding the bitter tears, I smile to myself
Hovering in the gnawing agony, I relax myself
Things I do for love, now have gone far away
Things I do for her, now have gone miles away

In the warm days, my eyes hunt for her
In the lazy springs, my arms desire her
Every battle in night, I survive for her
Every scar in my life, I hide for her

Kissing her supple lips, is always in my mind
Holding her tight, is my sole right
Touching her soft heart, damps me
Playing with her curls, entices me

Love for her, defines me
Charm of her, beguiles me
Nobody knows what she is to me
She is mine and always be mine

I am her sea and she will immerse in me
I am her destiny and she will outshine with me
People who try to take her from me
Will meet the hell untimely

Unknown of the feelings, she lets him inside
Ignorant of the meaning, she stays quiet
She worships him, and he mishandles me
He touches her, and the spite burns me alive

Unaware of love, she twiddles her thumb for him
Innocence of her, blinded her to see the real him
His love is no true, wrapped up with lust
My love is all pure, ornamented with trust

Though her heart is filled with hatred for me
Though she secretly wishes death for me
Though she thinks I am the hindrance for their love to win
She doesn’t know what she is to me

Breaking my heart, he expects loyalty
Poisoning my love, he expects royalty
Shattering my dreams, he expects my support
My mate is nothing but a shameless moron

In one soundless night, I will lie lonely by his corpse
In one silvery night, I will tear him apart
In my callous bed, I will drag him to hell
In my closed chambers, I will dig his grave.

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  • I see woman who is unaware of the man’s love..she thinks it’s just lust ,she is blinded to see that he is making love to her .
    She also loves someone else wants this man to die so that she can move on and the man with her is aware of it. The narrator is a lesbian and maybe is hoping the other girl is also like her but is unaware of it.

    Parul Malik

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