As i sit in my balcony,
sipping my coffee.
listening to the news on TV,
it seems nothing but a cacophony.
Days at home feel stretched,
and our hearts are wretched.
We are shut away from the world,
In our own little worlds,
doing absolutely nothing.
But isn't it what we all were longing for?
To be home and relax,
to sit down for a moment,
leaving behind our worries and hustles,
to feel the nature and to smell the scent
of fresh air.
To look down the memory lane,
on beautiful memories and tales.
To follow our passions ,
and learn some lessons.

We'll put away our phones,
to sit with family which is our own.
It'll be a moment of connection ,
of unending laughters and tears and affection.
It'll be nothing less than a wonder,
but it makes me ponder,
We're going to call these unusual times of corona,
but is it unusual to live in the present?
Is it unusual to revel in every moment?
Is it unusual to not mindlessly rushing here and there?
Is it unusual for mind to be free?
To reflect on who are we?
For me,
I'll call it the usual,
a usual that is the gift of the unusual.


  • We learnt a lot and lived actually in the times of Corona . This poem feels home. Wonderfully written. 💯🙏☺☺

    Sonali jain
  • LWcBdagySun

  • Beautifully described dear… Keep up the good work!!… Proud of u😘

  • Fabulous poem

  • What a poem..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Jot saini
  • A beautiful… beautiful work!!! Loved your perspective!!! A usual gift of the unusual…will linger at the back of my mind. :)

    Neelima Chakraborty
  • very beautiful lines shefe..keep it up…❤️❤️

  • Wooww Shefali 💓💓
    We’re proud of you 😘😘

  • Wooww Shefali 💓💓
    We’re proud of you 😘😘

  • Amazing……proud of u♥️
    Keep on writing and keep shining✨

  • Wonderful poem by a wonderful soul. 💖

    Ananya Gaur

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