Unspoken Exigencies

Laveena Behl

It becomes irresistible
when I inhale your aroma
mingled with freshly brewed tea leaves
So much that I pounce on you over the table
and place my lips on yours
savouring every drop in the cup
absorbing every impassioned inch of your skin
till I turn breathless
and there’s no more depth to submerge into
I imagine if the world freezes for a moment
and I steal two
With you
Rushing to a stranded corner
because it becomes uneasy to curb
the ecstasy running through me
when you walk alongside
a surreptitious brush makes me think
how your would hands eat my skin
and your mouth my collarbones
and the warm wetness
I feel between my thighs
which you do not interrupt
teasingly enough
letting your hands mark their territories 
on my skin
and your lips painting them
with your succumbed fantasies.
The muffled moans exchanged in heavy breaths.
I’d like to imagine what if
I pull you over me
 letting down my guards
opening them wide
for you to take a good look
of what you’re about to 
scratching your itch for fulsome rump
the curves you crave
You grab it tight
digging the pores of your skin
in my flesh
and sucking upon my lips
as if you want all the poems inside you
mix in my blood
without a word exchanged
How your tongues would map the contours of my body
quite confused
 what to devour foremost
I wonder how spent we will be
when we devour each other till 
till the last breath and morsel,
and lying beside each other
staring at our bodies
I wonder.


  • Beautiful.

  • Your poem is like music in my ears. It devours me in and leaves me feeling as though I am experiencing it myself. What a lovely play of words.

    Uma Menon

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