“Heard melodies are sweet

But those unheard are sweeter”, said Keats.

I too had a love - soulful and sublime.

I know not how it embarked on:

No rose red from his garden fluttered my way,

No redolence of an anguish of warmth knocked at my heart,

No smile of endearment reached out to my lips.

Yet, it was clear: we were in love!


No appellation uttered but no hand forsaken;

Our souls exchanged the unheard, the unseen -

More than what silly love notes evoked.

My lover was no Narcissus.

Perhaps I knew not what the young man showcased

For we had not seen each other.

Amidst the dim lights and daisy flowers,

Our shadows stared at each other; our souls were betrothed hitherto.


A large room: breezy and quiet, nice and pleasant,

The windows ushered the moonlight in.

I stood by the aperture - hair let loose:

My eyes invoked the muses of love and allurement.

The large building - his abode - edifices away, was dark.

The fountain that nurtured the moon-loved creepers: I beheld.

Conceivably an eternal pleasure it was -

To think he loved me back. He did not turn up.


The clock struck ten.

A lamp was lit; a curtain showed way.

He appeared: besuited.

Perplexed, awe-struck I knew not what to do.

What if he never came for me?

As I hastened to turn away, my heart averted.

He showered supreme things of passion from his casement -

Red roses on a thorn of emotions cascaded.


Years crawled its way; a decade bid farewell.

No word was written, not another pace pioneered.

We perceived not the countenances, heard not the voices.

Pages of doting in a book of love by others added hues - none delightful.

Thus far our hearts never satiated the thirst of abiding ardour - sans each other,

Our bodies remain unexplored (mine does).

God has a divine decree, I believe;

He shall unite us forever and we shall know only after.



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