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Sparsh Gupta

Someone told me..Write on something inspiring..
So i roamed here and there inquiring..
I won't be able to write.. the work is tiring..
Shall i wrote about myself..
I said admiring!!

So, How do you want it?
As a story?
Or As a Reality!!

So, Let me tell you about a serious illness and how serious it is.
YES you heard it right.
It is not a problem.
It is disease that grow in you second by second.

How it looks:
'"You're laughing, so you must be okay.
You're dancing at the party, so you must be okay.
You're cracking jokes, so you must be okay.
You're traveling to your favourite places with your friends, so you must be okay.
You are updating happy stories on your instagram, so you must be okay.
You replied to the question of " How are you?" with an "Okay", so you must be okay.""

How it really feels:
""Your hands are shivering,You don't know why. And you don't want anyone to notice, Right?
It's a party. Everyone is smiling.You want to too. So you do(but you don't feel like it, right?)
You're watching your favourite series.
The one which always makes you laugh. But this time you just couldn't laugh watch it, Right?
Gradually the kisses of sun beam wasn't
so much appealing.
The Breeze fondling my hair wasn't so much relieving

They say:
"Somethings are better unsaid!!"
"Forgiveness is a key to happiness!!"
"Be a Bigger Person!!"
"What is done is done!!"
"What is gone is gone!!"
"Bad peopple do bad things because they are bad"
"Friendship is measured by time and trust!!"

Some of the phrases like these or i say wise words people say to comfort the pain nowadays.
And then they post " Come to me if you feel sad i can help you".
So basically I don't think like this now.
You know why?
Because they forget to tell that most important advice that..

"You must believe in yourself before believing in someone else!!"
"You are fearless!!"
"Somethings are better SAID OUT LOUD!!"
"Be a Human!!"
"What is done is always a lesson to learn!!"
"What is gone can't be repeated"
"Friendship is measured by telling your friend you're doing wrong but i am with you and now let's make it right!!"
"Bad people are bad because we give them the complete freedom to do bad!!"

From these past 2 months i have realised after being in this serious condition with tiring days and sleepless nights that
"" What you really need more than you need a good listening friend is yourself!""

Be free and take care of yourself.
"One Life be True to yourself"


  • Excellent
    My takeaway from this wonderful piece is : ‘The ultimate solution of each & every problem of our life lies within us. We just have to realise this and work in this direction’

    Sahil Garg
  • Nice

  • Be fearless 🔥 nice one ♥️

    Avantika chauhan

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