By Diksha Goel

I left prints in the snow
But no one could follow me
As they faded away too quickly
To embark on the trail I made
But I kept climbing.
A silent spectator to nature's grandeur
I watched days turn into nights
And I walked for what seemed like infinity
Never stopping to look behind
I had to keep climbing.
My harsh breaths were lost to wailing winds
No one could hear me
My toes were frozen, fingers blue
I had no one to come to my aid
But I kept climbing.
And then it was over so suddenly
I sat on the peak
I could see the world below
No one could see me
But I will keep climbing.


  • Beautiful !!!
    Please continue this piece further.

    Ravi Chand Punia
  • Though your poem speaks of loneliness, it speaks of something more profound and that is hope. Beautifully expressed.

  • I loved the first two lines!

    Upasya Bhowal

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