Baby, Whisper in my ear 

Sweet nothings 
And ride me fierce 
Leave notes on the bedside
For making love 
in the middle of the night 
Baby touch my soul 
When you nibble my ears 
Bite my lips 
And conquer my fear 
And let me have you 
On all fours 
Baby let's make love 
On Monday morning 
And Wednesday night 
Let's go crazy 
When we make up after a fight
Hold my hair 
And clutch my waist
Let me not breath 
Between kisses 
And your gaze 
Baby let's abandon shackles 
And restrain 
Let me taste you 
Again and again 
I ll tell you my blushing stories 
When we turn every night 
Into sleepless memories 
Baby let's make love tonight
Under the fluorescent light 
And the darkness of night 
When our souls touch fire
And we feel the fireflies 


  • It’s beautiful! Heartfelt and honest :-) The passion with which the writer writes is amazing!

  • What a splendidly written poem. I like how you use short and crisp lines.

    Sanjana Srikumar

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