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Unending dreams

Sanju Vikasini

I dream to be young forever so that my youth does not end ever
I dream to be a high born lad who follow their respectful dads
I dream to soar through the sky and rise my confidence high
I dream to achieve the impossible to become invincible
I dream for a peaceful world that cannot be ruined by gold
I dream to become the undefeated powerful person in the world so that my future generations sing my glory as they were told
I dream to banish poverty and bring forth the novelty to the way of living
I dream to be born in the family of a famous celebrity which would increase my integrity
I dream for the painless death of martyrs so that they can rest in peace in their own attire
I dream to be immortal and rule over the mortals
I dream to build a magnificent kingdom under the ocean where life never ceases to motion
I dream to abolish the fakeness in everything and so people would compare themselves with nothing
I dream to be remembered even after my death for my achievements, talents and sweat for the people
I dream to bring back the lives of my beloved and show them that they were, are and will be loved forever
I dream to become a great artist to paint my feelings with a gist
I dream to conquer the world above the sky where gods and angels live and thrive
I dream to lead a life without problems and worries which would heal my soul and answer my queries
I dream to build a world between the sky and the ground where houses and humans float around
I dream to make my dreams come true because they are not meant to be just in my head all the way through

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