Tanushka Saini 

we're uncultured
so lost and far away from our roots
we don't know where we belong anymore
so we find a home in mundane things
try to fill our voids with floating relationships
we're bleeding all of us
bleeding trust, honesty, hope
searching for something mellow in fleshy affairs
looking for cords in no strings
pain is all we've felt
it's enticing
it's addicting
but everything comes with a price
and pain is cancer
it's treacherous base polluting our core
killing our soul
blackness of this agony burns our heart
knowing everyone but connecting with none
the world as we know it
has lost its crux
but I wait for the day
and yes I wait for the flux.


  • Indeed💯🙌🏻

    Habiba Zaidi
  • This is so trueee🙌🏻

    Gunjan Narang

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