Unconditional Love



My little furry friend, my loyal pet,

Your love was like none other I've met,

You came into my life and filled it with joy,

A bond so strong, it was impossible to destroy.



You were there through the ups and downs,

A constant presence, never a frown,

Your love was unconditional and true,

A friend like you, so rare and few.


I remember the way you would snuggle,

And how your purring would calm my trouble,

You were always there to lend an ear,

And wipe away every single tear.



But now you've gone, my heart is breaking,

The pain is so raw, it feels like I'm suffocating,

The house is empty without you here,

And my heart aches with every tear.



I miss the way you'd greet me at the door,

And the way you'd curl up on the floor,

The warmth of your body, the softness of your fur,

All the memories of you, they start to blur.



But even though you're no longer by my side,

Your love lives on, it cannot be denied,

For the bond we shared was pure and true,

And nothing in this world could ever undo.



So rest in peace, my dear furry friend,

Your love and memory will never end,

And though my heart is heavy with pain,

I know I'll see you again, someday again.


Muskan, an aspiring writer, dwells in the city of Erode,Tamilnadu.She believes in the motto of learning by sharing and constantly brings her creativity into display by scribbling thought worthy verses. Spreading smiles all around is her favourite hobby and constantly succeeds in doing that with her positive thoughts and happy vibes all around. Do check out her writings on Instagram @heart_sayer.

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