Unconditional Love

Asadullah Sajjadi

For some reason,
I'm craving Unconditional love.
Anything else feels like treason,
Like Being a straight line but convincing myself to be a curve.

Why change,
For someone who's in love with an imaginary person.
Turning yourself into something strange,
Being a typical boy rather than one in a million.

Acceptance is tough,
For yourself as well as the people who care about you.
Different doesn't mean you should bluff,
It's wrong to have veg soup even though you crave chicken stew.

Everyone Is unique,
From bad habits to something good in them.
no one can decide who's nice and who's a freak,
As long as there are strong roots why to worry about the stem?

Change comes from within,
When you don't feel like you need it , it's not gonna happen.
It's like Forcing someone to change their skin,
they're not their true self , they're probably fakin.

I'd rather be how I feel,
then change to suit to other people's needs.
Like a sturdy structure is not made with gold but steel,
I want people to like me not for my looks and habits but for my deeds.

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