Unconditional Love

Pooja  D. Raina

You say its love.
If its love, why can’t I breathe?
Why don’t I feel loved?
Why do your actions say otherwise?

You say you’re are grateful.
If its gratitude, why my flaws always highlighted?
Why do I need to fit in the picture of “Me” you have in your mind?
Why do I need to be sorry for being “me”

Realization dawned upon me –
The love I was looking for, resides inside me.
I kept myself deprived of this love all these years,
Endlessly searching for it in various forms.
So busy looking for it outside, that I missed looking within.

When I learnt to love myself unconditionally,
I could break the cage of wanting you to love me,
It just got better, when in the process I learnt to love you unconditionally.

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  • This is what I cl poetry in motion. Brilliant effort, Pooja D. Raina.

    Natasha Sharma

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