Typical Indian

By Alaka Barik

The spicy panipuri smell,
that tempts to eat it,
just love the street food that binds us,
there is tandoori momos calling me,
and those chaat and samosa I can't resist it.
In deserts kulfi is best,
that doesn't melt easily,
and that kesar pista taste!
Basically I am a typical Indian foodie,
taking a bite of every dish,
may it be continental or Chinese.
But other than food,
shopping is in my nerve,
going to the malls,
and the on sale stores,
jhumkas with studs or loop earnings,
I crave for them,
ethnic wear is what I prefer,
after buying western ones sometimes I suffer,
suffer in the sense,
those jeans that don't fit anymore.
There is closet I have,
and it can be a textile store!
Barati dance of Indian weddings,
songs that make one tap to the beat.
Its the magic and aura of Bollywood music,
that rules the world with lyrics which have got some logic.
Yes,other than all of the above,
traveling is one of my favorite hobby,
that makes me read novels in the trains,
or write poems and the mesmerizing photography.
I admire nature and culture of our state,
those hardworking farmers,
in fields to produce vegetables and grains.
At last I feel happy for being the part,
to experience the tradition within the diversity,
its never a different town or city,
but the helping people,
filled with their passion,
to live for their dreams.
If incredible is an adjective,
then I would place India as the synonym.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indianess'


  • Lovely dear😍

    Ankita Das
  • It’s the real feeling of everyone,u described in words😍

  • In love with these words ❤


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