Twenty Five

By Geetika Kaura. 


I turned twenty-five

I decided to make decisions less indecisive,
with all cautious thoughts and attention
And I started seeing my life enliven,
Since then 3 years have passed and every morning I wake up in order to take new lessons and the older ones just to recall,
I took a yellow and black taxi,
which drove me to that jamun tree 
Where I left my initial 5 years of childhood,
Turning the pages of my recent novel I refreshed me playing with my grandpa's beard,
All the good teaching of his now make sense to me and make my more cleared,
Thinking this I parked my I20,
where my family now preparing to make me bride,
I then took the ascenseur,
the moment it shuts it doors I recalled my cathartic pride
of struggles and pain showed like a see-saw
And then I opened the door with my hands and it seemed a little more struggle
I belonged to that future where everything is mechanized 
Amidst of hand opening lifts and automatic things to real time lovers to passionate one night stands,
I left my home to see the unseen places as a friendless wanderer
where I learnt most of the lessons without any chalk talk
To make all adjustments and not just to crib that my milk ain't have bournvita 
which no book can tell
keen observation and becoming a sapien who only craves for life, love and laughter.
And also keeping the kid inside alive,
from now mostly I should behave like senorita.
In my timeline before I touch thirty.
While opening the door of my time machine I find a way to bejewel my pride, courage, hard work to the next shore where my future will shine bright.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 

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  • I loved the idea that you made ‘Life’ the journey ❤️

    Swati Singh

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