Turning The Pages

Chhavi Nagpal

I turn the pages with slight movement of my fingers.
Legs spread apart under thick, rainbow coloured covers,
The other hand follows your words.
I read what you write, while my fantasies travel miles. 
Your words give a way, to the dirty secrets of my mind.
I cross a thin line between lust and desire,
As I scratch your back and bite your shoulders.
Quick circular motions, 
Faster than my fingers can take.
I inhale deep, my moans stuck in my throat like vape.
Ideas of what I can do to you strike my mind like a constant.
And as my motion increases, the wilder my ideas get.
They keep getting wilder, until I collapse into a wet mess.


  • Thank you so much for your kind words Avnika. I love feedback from readers because it helps me find new angles to my work which I couldn’t have thought of in the first place!

    Chhavi Nagpal
  • I love the comparison made to the turning pages and ‘’rainbow colored covers’’, I feel adds a deep layer of imagery into the poem as it prepares the leader for the many desires that unfold in the later lines which are as vivid and as strong as the colors of the rainbow.
    good work!!

  • Thank you so much for the appreciation! I would love to read your works too.
    And if you would like to further read what I write-

    IG handle- siyaahi.ke.khatt

    Chhavi Nagpal
  • I love this poem! ❤

  • It’s like a log in waters. It waves with the flow and it becomes a challenge to swim through the currents with it. Challenge Accepted!


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