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Payal Mulani

My sins turn into the winds of your story,
They move you to numbness
So much so that you consume them.

The sun inside you sets and I come to power.
Your emotions; twisting and turning, tying to sleep,
Keep you awake rather.
My waves try to touch your moon, always crashing
On your shore.
But loud enough for you to hear me.
Do you feel me crushing you?
Do you feel me when you try
To join your knee and chin
To cry?

Have I become a turmoil?

As me and my demons are safe here, I might keep you too.

Break that glass; hold that hand.
I throw your heart up to your throat, through your brain
and then to tongue.

Scream out my name in pain;
With that, pull me out too.

There you go, I go.

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