Truth to yourself

 Akanksha Singhal

Rising and falling many times ;
Hurdled by the self and called by heart,
Again come to a place where serenity lies
Deep within there is a calling...
Empty heart is like a vaccuum-
Gets filled with whatever you chose to be;
Consciously or unconsciously...
As a ever changing human being!!
Yes you are the one;
Who create the world-
the one within and out of yourself,
The environment of your fleshy being...
Thou are the one to change or not?
and bring though in existence too,
Although guided by nature supreme!!
The various forces residing within,
With enormous ground to possibilities...
It's you who chooses where to head
to reach the goal one destined to be!!
Some patterns within ;
Certain desires hidden,
All play it's part so well in sink...
With the guidance of the heart ;
and the power of your will,
You will be placed -
Where you are focused within...
This is how the beauty of it!!!

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