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Juhi Seernani

If you are trouble then I'd run into you like raindrops run into the soil or the same way thumb pins run into my soft board when I press them like I am pressing the last ounce of soul left in me.
The point is that having a point is pointless. Why to depend on a point when you can draw a line and cross it.
So I will meet you where my ends end.
And I will run into you if you are trouble even though running is not the most desirable thing in the universe.
Even though my legs are jelly and my nerves are too wrecked to move. I would still be alert to dance and groove.
You are not the senselessness in me. You are the sense in my senselessness.
So if you are trouble then I'd run into you just like that wicked sunlight runs into my window every morning when I don't want to open my eyes to it's blinding brightness. 
My lips may not have tasted yours but my eyes have seen everything that you keep hidden in the cupboards of secrets. 
I have tried to stop starting your thought in me again and again but I can't start to stop every time I try. 
So if you are trouble then I'd run into you just like sugar cubes run into the bottom of my mug when I pour them into it. 
Just like that little speck of hatred that runs into love every time it tries to blossom. 
Just like fall runs into winter. 
Just like knife runs into  skin. 
Just like the leftover acid that pours out of my mouth every time I speak of nothing but you. 
Just like the world is running into hypocrisy.
Just like passion is running into desire. 
So I will run into you because you are the coffin without a corpse which is as useless as a body without a soul.
So when that last ounce of soul leaves my body, it will take shelter in your coffin.
It will run into your coffin and you won't be able to do anything but bury yourself in the wretched soil because that's what coffins do. 
Then you will wait for the raindrops to run into the soil because that's what raindrops do. 


  • Appreciable Effort

    Deepa Seernani
  • Words beyond ecstasy ❤️

    Surbhi bhardwaj

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