The best of nature existed in my imagination,
Unless i put my foot out for travelling.
Ohh mum! I can't wait anymore.
Still miles away to reach the destination.
My heart bounced and bounced.
The excitement took it's peak.
For the very first time,
I was going to experience the loveliest thing,
I was going to surround myself with the most simple and ordinary yet calm and exquisite part of nature.
And when my eyes felt that serene snowy landscape,
My heart felt an indefinable joy.
When my hands touched the cold snow,
My heart felt a cryptic warmness.
How simple and ordinary,
Still we love to play with it.
I, stood still, found myself lost,
unconscious of my surroundings.
I enjoyed and enjoyed till the night came,
Which too offered a heavenly view.
I, in my warm clothes sat by the fire united in the music.
Gazing at the stars,
And at the glistening snow which shone in the yellow streetlights.
I thought, i stepped into my imagination.
But it was the reality,
Which travelling manifested.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 


  • Wow.. the imagery is superb!

    Parvathy Vivek
  • Nice

  • Beautiful ✨


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