Trauma Bleeds

By Shivangi Pathak


In love God created Eve for Adam,

In love orchard’s shed their spring for autumn.

And in dark it still felt safe, with you by my side,

Unaware that you will become my unnerving night.


In a moment you changed and nothing was left the same,

“Vile and unfit” you gave me the blame.

Took away my tranquility and drive me insane.

And that’s what you did, when you scrapped my wings,

Made me believe, I was just another “thing”.


Like I was yearning for you,

Yet, only trauma I gained.


And then I  found that beam of light,

That scattered on my face, but provided me a sight.


To see, acknowledge and realize,

What makes me larger than life.

It is who I am, the real me,                                                                           

Not what you were dragging me to be.


I’d rather heal with my own identity,

Than bleed in the shadow of you cruelty.

For trauma though hit my heart and mind,

I picked my leftovers to revive, just in time.


Oh! dear soft yet strong me,

It is alright not to see.

The worst someone can be and feel the trauma skin deep,

Let the eyes cry but don’t let your soul weep.


And his love? for it, never again you’ve to plead,

Your love to yourself is what you really need.

Throw away your trauma in the oceans down,

And like ‘Titanic’ let it hit the ground,

For it need not sail again, in the waves of YOU.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Trauma' 


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