Aakshi Jain

The feeling of being trapped 

Wrapped in those thoughts 

Angel and devil in my mind 

There is no escape 

Learn , hilarious and humorous 

But, it is so hard to smile 

Nobody sees, the truth 

See how it is .

How I am ,what I am 

How focus forgets its locus 

When you hear all those voices 

Shuffling in your mind 

Contemplation of ending it all ,

Or should I go on , Keeping strong 

“A shriek in the heat of the night “

“A world lost in time “

“Don’t stress “

“It’s easy “

“Think of your future “

“Go ahead “

“Move on “

My future seems blur 

But will be defined 

Motivation is what you desire 

But some time is what you deserve 

Let risk be the only chance left 

To unwrap all the love .


  • There is no escape, Amazing <3

    Aditya Dube
  • Poetry♥️

    Chavideep Singh

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